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MTA 1.0 Rules
« on: August 25, 2009, 05:39:36 AM »
The Following rules will be taken into account in the server(s) at all times, no other is allowed!


Do Not Flood The Chat: Spam voting is unacceptable as we feel that other users should be allowed to choose their own maps, not what one person wants to play. Any other type of flooding will result in either warnings and eventually a kick from the server. Failure to comply after that, will result in a serial ban.

No Cheats and Cheap Play: This rule is simple, Anything that gives advantage to you over another player will not be tolerated and will therefore result in a immediate serial banning from the server, Without warning. If you are however going out of your way to purposely prevent other players from finishing the race, you will be warned and/or kicked.

Speak English: The preferred language for the server(s) is English, If however you can't speak English fluently try your best to and that will be good enough :). Purposefully talking in a different language will result in a quick mute.

Dis-Respect: Do NOT Dis-Respect any other player as this will not be tolerated and will result in a kick from the server.

Have Fun: Remember to have fun! even show us what your made of! We do like a good challenge :).

Spawnglitches: When a spawnglitch happens at the beginning of a race,(a spawnglitch is when your car starts going before "GO!") even if your by yourself. Always !redo, every time, no exceptions! If a toptime is done because of that, it is invalid and not a legit toptime, and will be deleted. If you do not report it, it might be considered cheating.

Cloning: Cloning other people or using our tag without permission will result in a couple of warnings to remove your name. Failure to comply, will result in a kick or serial ban.

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