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Random / Hi guys :)
« on: January 11, 2017, 03:45:08 PM »
Hey guys :D
Ill just start of saying... yes, im still here and checking the forum once in while, not dead or anything :P

With that being said i know i havent just been inactive for the last months/years, i was completely gone and i think i owe you an explanation why (its not serious)
so here goes

With the release of GTA V back in september 2013 which i personally looked forward too very much; GTA:SA and MTA became not just obsolete for me but downright boring, with this new GTA even with an included Online mode with no need to download an external mod for it! it was glorious and it took basically all of my time
Furthermore, as we all know... danish people playing MTA was and is still a very rare sight, and i missed to play a GTA game with people from my own country, so i started to seek out other danish V players when i happened to find a FB group with only danish GTA V players, that group has become the largest group for danish V players with just above 5000 members, and im an admin! so obviously that took alot of time to... that led to the fact that i found some GREAT danish friends to play GTA with, which was the thing i really wanted in the first place :)

Another factor of my disappearence was back in 2014 when i moved out from my parents place and started my own life here in the danish city of Aarhus (2nd biggest city in DK) and the studies taking all of your time, but you know... life goes on...

With that being said i REALLY do miss my SiK-family!
MTA will always be a part of my gaming history, and i surely do plan to return time from time, to knock off the rust of my skills and beat some your TT1's!

I hope you havent forgot all about your danish friend here :P and i hope to see you in the streets of LS, SF and LV sometime soon

The Great Dane - Cheetah

Random / Quote Wall
« on: January 21, 2014, 11:24:27 AM »
Fresh from the IRC channel
Take a look at the player "user.benikillerboygang"
[17:01:38] <[SiK]Bot> * Vote ended!
[17:01:39] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: access denier for "kick"
[17:01:39] <[SiK]Bot> * Map started: [Sultan] Hillside Drift
[17:01:41] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]reLax has acces now
[17:01:43] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: see
[17:01:47] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax:  /quit
[17:01:48] <[SiK]Bot> *** uebak333 left the game (Quit)
[17:01:52] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: oh
[17:01:53] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl has acces now
[17:02:07] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok what press to access
[17:02:12] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: LOL
[17:02:12] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl:  /quit
[17:02:15] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: quit
[17:02:16] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: wwrite /quit
[17:02:18] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl:  /
[17:02:22] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: oh
[17:02:26] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: LOL
[17:02:34] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:02:37] <[SiK]Bot> *** user.benikillerboygang left the game (Quit)
[17:02:39] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: i'm really laughing
[17:02:40] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: lol
[17:02:43] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl:  ◕ ‿ ◕
[17:02:43] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl:  ◕ ‿ ◕
[17:02:44] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: LOOOOL
[17:02:44] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: :D
[17:03:01] <[SiK]Bot> * FixedBalaclava10 died
[17:03:01] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]*Naamloos*: hehe
[17:03:06] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: that was really FUNNY
[17:03:07] <[SiK]Bot> * FidoDido died
[17:03:11] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: he vvill comeb adck
[17:03:24] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: let me handle this xD
[17:03:28] <[SiK]Bot> * FixedBalaclava10 died
[17:03:35] <[SiK]Bot> *** user.benikillerboygang joined the game.
[17:03:37] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:03:43] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: hahaha
[17:03:47] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: nice rank
[17:03:49] <[SiK]Bot> *** FixedBalaclava10 left the game (Quit)
[17:03:50] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl died
[17:03:52] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you have acces now
[17:03:54] <[SiK]Bot> * #333333=FoX=Bob_Taylor finished (rank: 1 time: 2:00:55)
[17:03:55] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ha ha
[17:03:57] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:04:00] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]*Naamloos* finished (rank: 2 time: 2:06:33)
[17:04:03] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]reLax finished (rank: 3 time: 2:09:35)
[17:04:03] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: no
[17:04:07] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: yes
[17:04:07] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i have not acces
[17:04:07] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl finished (rank: 4 time: 2:13:67)
[17:04:11] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: pls stop making me laugh
[17:04:12] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: I type /quit now
[17:04:13] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: when i press /kick
[17:04:15] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl has acces now
[17:04:18] <[SiK]Bot> * FidoDido finished (rank: 5 time: 2:24:73)
[17:04:20] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]reLax has acces now
[17:04:24] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: acees denied for kick
[17:04:29] <[SiK]Bot> * A vote was started [Choose the next map:]
[17:04:30] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: just type /quit
[17:04:32] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: who do wwant to kick?
[17:04:32] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl has acces now
[17:04:44] <[SiK]Bot> * Vote ended!
[17:04:45] <[SiK]Bot> * Map started: The specialist 8
[17:04:47] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: my god...
[17:04:59] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i have /quit
[17:05:02] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: again
[17:05:06] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:05:09] <[SiK]Bot> *** user.benikillerboygang left the game (Quit)
[17:05:10] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: user,  only sik's are admins
[17:05:11] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: LOL
[17:05:14] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
[17:05:15] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: hahaha
[17:05:15] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: :D
[17:05:18] <Cheetah> !s wtf?!?!?!?!?
[17:05:18] <[SiK]Bot> * Cheetah on irc: wtf?!?!?!?!?
[17:05:24] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: hahaha
[17:05:26] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: this can't be true!
[17:05:42] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: he should be a little kid
[17:05:57] <[SiK]Bot> *** kriss... joined the game.
[17:05:58] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: or a big retard
[17:05:59] <[SiK]Bot> *** user.benikillerboygang joined the game.
[17:06:06] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you have acces now
[17:06:11] <[SiK]Bot> *** dj4477 joined the game.
[17:06:20] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: what press to kick
[17:06:24] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: omg
[17:06:32] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl:  /aexcecdatfoz
[17:06:36] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]reLax finished (rank: 1 time: 1:36:25)
[17:06:40] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ha ha
[17:06:41] <[SiK]Bot> * #333333=FoX=Bob_Taylor finished (rank: 2 time: 1:41:85)
[17:06:42] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]*Naamloos* finished (rank: 3 time: 1:42:93)
[17:06:45] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: = kick
[17:06:50] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: =kick
[17:06:51] <[SiK]Bot> * FidoDido finished (rank: 4 time: 1:51:14)
[17:06:54] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: good
[17:06:59] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl finished (rank: 5 time: 1:59:31)
[17:07:00] <[SiK]Bot> *** scarface joined the game.
[17:07:01] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: that is god command
[17:07:02] <[SiK]Bot> *** FidoDido left the game (Quit)
[17:07:05] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl has acces now
[17:07:06] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: xD
[17:07:07] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: i cant stop laughing
[17:07:09] <[SiK]Bot> *** QuackPottychair52 joined the game.
[17:07:10] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i can not access denied for kick
[17:07:12] <[SiK]Bot> * A vote was started [Choose the next map:]
[17:07:16] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you acces for kick
[17:07:16] <[SiK]Bot> * #333333=FoX=Bob_Taylor s
[17:07:17] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: yes
[17:07:26] <[SiK]Bot> * Vote ended!
[17:07:27] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: !lol
[17:07:27] <[SiK]Bot> * Map started: Bridget Drag
[17:07:30] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i must access denied
[17:07:31] <[SiK]Bot> #333333=FoX=Bob_Taylor:  use /me kicked  playername
[17:07:38] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: yes
[17:07:42] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl:  /kicked
[17:07:46] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you have acces
[17:07:56] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: oh vvait
[17:07:57] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: type:
[17:08:00] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl:  /load admin
[17:08:04] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:08:14] <[SiK]Bot> * kriss... died
[17:08:15] <[SiK]Bot> *** WarmTown62 joined the game.
[17:08:15] <[SiK]Bot> * scarface died
[17:08:19] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: have
[17:08:23] <[SiK]Bot> *** [SiK]GioNux joined the game.
[17:08:26] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R finished (rank: 1 time: 0:39:35)
[17:08:27] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]*Naamloos* finished (rank: 2 time: 0:39:38)
[17:08:27] <[SiK]Bot> * #333333=FoX=Bob_Taylor finished (rank: 3 time: 0:40:23)
[17:08:28] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]reLax finished (rank: 4 time: 0:40:95)
[17:08:29] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl finished (rank: 5 time: 0:41:74)
[17:08:32] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: now type /spawn rhino
[17:08:32] <[SiK]Bot> * user.benikillerboygang finished (rank: 6 time: 0:45:17)
[17:08:41] <[SiK]Bot> * QuackPottychair52 died
[17:08:42] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:08:44] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: write =kick pauerful
[17:08:49] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:08:51] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]GioNux: hey
[17:08:51] <[SiK]Bot> * scarface finished (rank: 7 time: 1:04:17)
[17:08:54] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: ./kick pauer
[17:08:56] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: and /write dumb
[17:08:59] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: hey gio
[17:09:01] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: can not
[17:09:02] <[SiK]Bot> * A vote was started [Choose the next map:]
[17:09:04] <[SiK]Bot> * QuackPottychair52 died
[17:09:05] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: use =kick pauerful
[17:09:07] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: access denied for kick
[17:09:08] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: yeah
[17:09:11] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you have acces
[17:09:14] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: lol gio this is so funny
[17:09:17] <[SiK]Bot> * Vote ended!
[17:09:18] <[SiK]Bot> * Map started: Rolling in Vinewood
[17:09:19] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: he keeps thinking he has acces
[17:09:23] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: and that he has admin
[17:09:24] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: use =kick pauerful
[17:09:26] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: yeah
[17:09:29] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: or /quit
[17:09:32] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: I type /quit now
[17:09:32] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:09:34] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]PauerfC_Cl has acces now
[17:09:40] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: what you press to accrd
[17:09:43] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: acces
[17:09:47] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: 1
[17:09:49] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: what do you press access
[17:09:58] <[SiK]Bot> * user.benikillerboygang died
[17:10:02] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: press my dick.. xD
[17:10:03] <[SiK]Bot> *** WarmTown62 left the game (Quit)
[17:10:08] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: xD
[17:10:12] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: he
[17:10:15] <[SiK]Bot> * dj4477 died
[17:10:17] <[SiK]Bot> * kriss... died
[17:10:20] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: what is access denied
[17:10:21] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you have acces now
[17:10:31] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: türk varmi?
[17:10:33] <[SiK]Bot> * QuackPottychair52 died
[17:10:43] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok i type /kick
[17:10:50] <[SiK]Bot> * user.benikillerboygang died
[17:10:55] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: man , u 'll never have access
[17:11:03] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i can not kick pauer
[17:11:09] <[SiK]Bot> * kriss... died
[17:11:09] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: denied
[17:11:12] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: access
[17:11:14] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: denied
[17:11:15] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: why do you want to kick me?
[17:11:21] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: lol
[17:11:26] <[SiK]Bot> * scarface died
[17:11:26] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang:  /kick
[17:11:29] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: why
[17:11:31] <[SiK]Bot> * QuackPottychair52 died
[17:11:43] <[SiK]Bot> *** YAssEn joined the game.
[17:11:46] <[SiK]Bot> * kriss... died
[17:11:49] <Cheetah> !s this is getting on the forums
[17:11:49] <[SiK]Bot> * Cheetah on irc: this is getting on the forums
[17:11:50] <[SiK]Bot> * kriss... died
[17:11:52] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: user do you want to be my friend?
[17:11:58] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: good cheetah xD
[17:12:01] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:12:05] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: hey, friend
[17:12:05] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: lol
[17:12:18] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang:  /access
[17:12:19] <[SiK]Bot> *** YAssEn left the game (Quit)
[17:12:21] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: yes
[17:12:23] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: good boy
[17:12:26] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]reLax finished (rank: 1 time: 2:47:19)
[17:12:26] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:12:30] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: very good
[17:12:32] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: write =kick pauerful
[17:12:32] <[SiK]Bot> * #333333=FoX=Bob_Taylor finished (rank: 2 time: 2:53:16)
[17:12:32] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: Im proud
[17:12:34] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]GioNux finished (rank: 3 time: 2:55:95)
[17:12:38] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]*Naamloos* finished (rank: 4 time: 3:00:10)
[17:12:39] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: he
[17:12:43] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: user
[17:12:44] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: shit denied
[17:12:47] <[SiK]Bot> * scarface died
[17:12:51] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: use =kick pauerful
[17:12:54] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: does the server deny your shit?
[17:12:59] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: use=kick pauer
[17:13:01] <[SiK]Bot> * A vote was started [Choose the next map:]
[17:13:03] <[SiK]Bot> *** [SiK]PauerfC_Cl left the game (Kicked)
[17:13:04] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: see!
[17:13:09] <[SiK]Bot> *** [SiK]PauerfC_Cl joined the game.
[17:13:11] <[SiK]Bot> * dj4477 died
[17:13:12] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: lol
[17:13:13] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: he kicked you omg
[17:13:14] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: see, =kick pauerful works
[17:13:15] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i have not kick pauer
[17:13:16] <[SiK]Bot> * Vote ended!
[17:13:17] <[SiK]Bot> * Map started: NiTR0US-X1
[17:13:18] <[SiK]Bot> *** #B8860B[CCD]Roman joined the game.
[17:13:21] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you just kicked me
[17:13:25] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]reLax: sry pauer :p
[17:13:28] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: =D
[17:13:31] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: use=kick pauer
[17:13:34] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: yeah
[17:13:35] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: good
[17:13:44] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you have acces now
[17:13:48] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: what press tu mute
[17:13:51] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: o
[17:14:01] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: press enter to mute
[17:14:03] <[SiK]Bot> * kriss... died
[17:14:15] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:14:19] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: user, what is acces denied?
[17:14:24] <[SiK]Bot> *** #B8860B[CCD]Roman left the game (Quit)
[17:14:24] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ?
[17:14:38] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: what is denied access?
[17:14:42] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: yes what
[17:14:43] <[SiK]Bot> * QuackPottychair52 died
[17:14:46] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: what?
[17:14:51] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ?
[17:14:53] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: access
[17:14:57] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: ?
[17:14:59] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: xD
[17:15:05] <[SiK]Bot> * QuackPottychair52 died
[17:15:10] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: he is totally mindfucked
[17:15:16] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: when i type /kick come access denied befor you kick
[17:15:26] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: what is access denied
[17:15:32] <[SiK]Bot> * scarface died
[17:15:36] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: hmmmm
[17:15:43] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ?
[17:15:49] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: hmm
[17:15:49] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: ?
[17:15:55] <[SiK]Bot> * scarface died
[17:16:07] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: what press do you have admin
[17:16:11] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: u
[17:16:20] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you have admin
[17:16:26] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: yes
[17:16:28] <[SiK]Bot> *** RizAt joined the game.
[17:16:29] <[SiK]Bot> *** QuackPottychair52 left the game (Timed out)
[17:16:29] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: yes
[17:16:30] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: press enter for admin
[17:16:31] <[SiK]Bot> * user.benikillerboygang died
[17:16:48] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]reLax: he did lol
[17:16:49] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:16:54] <[SiK]Bot> (TEAM)[SiK]PauerfC_Cl: lal
[17:17:01] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: user is my friend
[17:17:09] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:17:12] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: lol
[17:17:16] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: what is your name?
[17:17:20] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: oh help me i will admin
[17:17:24] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: you have admin
[17:17:26] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: congratulations
[17:17:33] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]reLax finished (rank: 1 time: 3:58:87)
[17:17:33] <[SiK]Bot> * kriss... died
[17:17:33] <[SiK]Bot> * #333333=FoX=Bob_Taylor finished (rank: 2 time: 3:59:36)
[17:17:34] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R finished (rank: 3 time: 4:00:03)
[17:17:35] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: what press to kick
[17:17:35] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]reLax: ^^
[17:17:39] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: i
[17:17:39] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i can not denied
[17:17:46] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: what is denied?
[17:17:47] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: kick me
[17:17:49] <[SiK]Bot> * [SiK]*Naamloos* finished (rank: 4 time: 4:14:93)
[17:17:51] <[SiK]Bot> *** user.benikillerboygang left the game (Kicked)
[17:17:52] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: xD
[17:17:55] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: LOL
[17:18:05] <[SiK]Bot> *** user.benikillerboygang joined the game.
[17:18:08] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: ok
[17:18:08] <[SiK]Bot> * A vote was started [Choose the next map:]
[17:18:09] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: I typed =kick user
[17:18:19] <[SiK]Bot> *** AmbitiousXylophone22 joined the game.
[17:18:23] <[SiK]Bot> * Vote ended!
[17:18:24] <[SiK]Bot> * Map started: Super Sanchez
[17:18:30] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]Wh!t3Tig3R: user
[17:18:36] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i can not denied access
[17:18:40] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: what is denied
[17:18:41] <[SiK]Bot> [SiK]PauerfC_Cl: access
[17:18:44] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: wait
[17:18:53] <[SiK]Bot> * dj4477 died
[17:18:55] <[SiK]Bot> user.benikillerboygang: i quit and come in 2 min

Random / Meeting with ViRuS
« on: August 09, 2013, 05:32:55 PM »
A some of you probably know i was going to copenhange a few days to meet ViRuS from SKC
and i promised a picture of us together

Me to the left and ViRuS to the right


Random / Where do you play MTA?
« on: March 12, 2013, 09:26:20 AM »
As the title shows... post a picture of your computer setup just for the lulz :P

ill start:

That computer on the left is the one got broken... and the one on the right is the killer itself!! :D

Member Biographies / Biography: Cheetah
« on: June 18, 2012, 10:10:47 AM »
Hi Guys

Since not so many people have made a biography i thought i would do one...

my real name is Steffen and I'm a 19-year old boy from Denmark, i live on the byland called Jylland in a VERY small town called Askov (English - Jutland)
im just about to finish my High School. (2 exams remaining) :D

In my sparetime i like to play the Drums, and i have done for 12 years now... literally bashed on everyone and everything since i was two but started to do it seriously at the age of 6 :D

i do also play videogames, like Guitar hero (pretty good at it), RCT 3 (GREAT GAME!!) and ofcourse MTA and a bit of SAMP.
(one of the few from Denmark that plays it)

Besides all that, Music has a very big role in my life, i listen to music 24/7!!
and as some people on this server im addicted to metal and hard rock too :D but my favourite is Progressive Metal like Dream Theater or Periphery, i LOVE these bands.

Erm... i guess that would be it, but ask if you want some more info of this awesome guy you got in your team :D


Accepted Applications / Cheetah's application for SiKr
« on: April 21, 2012, 06:30:09 PM »
1 - Real Name: Steffen Boel Stubkj?r

2 - Gaming name: [DK]Cheetah

3 - Games you play: MTA, Guitar Hero, RCT 3

4 - Country of residence: Denmark

5 - Age: 19

6 - Computer Specs
Processor: Intel Core Duo
Memory: 4GB RAM
Hard Drive: 150 GB
Monitor: Ino 31
Keyboard: A Lenovo
Mouse: Razer Deathadder
Mouse Surface: A red one (not a fancy one)
Operating System: Windows XP Professional

7 - Think you would make a good admin? I was admin on a server in SAMP for 5 years before it closed down, so i would consider myself to have pretty much experience.

8 - Video of you racing on our server: Unfortunately i dont have a recording program, but some of you guys must have seen me... just once :D

9 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant: i can see that you dont have anyone from Denmark on your team... yet :D "wink wink" :D

Introductions / Cheetah
« on: March 28, 2012, 05:20:41 PM »
Hi all SiK members and others

i am a 19 y/o boy from Denmark, who loves racing, and after i found your server... even more!
hope i will get a good welcome (atleast better than the SKC one)
at last i will just say im looking forward to smash all your toptimes! SO BE PREPARED!!! :fu: (no not really)

Best Regards

[DK]Cheetah <------ ingame name if you wondered :D

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