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Random / WooT
« on: July 19, 2017, 02:49:53 AM »
well, after enough years, ive finally got my self a computer, im renting a laptop until i can gert myself a desktop, which hopefully will be coming in the next couple of weeks

Random / Computer help
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:47:04 AM »
My mates computer has stopped working, every time he turns it on, it beeps, its not anything loose, or dust, as we have checked them, any suggestion's

SiK History / SiK Anniversary
« on: August 16, 2016, 11:10:16 AM »
As some of you know, i was talking about this in the server the other night, and its coming upto SiK's 10th anniversary in another year or so, and i for one would love to try organize something big for the occasion, maybe a tournament or something

any ideas are welcome :D :D

Random / Pokemon Go
« on: July 31, 2016, 10:39:13 AM »
anyone on here play it??

im at level 8, im apart of team mystic as articuno was always my favorite out of the 3

Random / Hey
« on: May 03, 2016, 02:27:28 PM »
Hey guys, sorry for disappearing again, but things never go they way you hope, the computer i was using last was my house mates boyfriend at the time, and they broke up a few days later, i am still trying to come back and meet all the new faces of the fully sik crew

Denied Or Left Applications / Full_Metal
« on: January 03, 2013, 09:54:39 AM »
1 - Real Name: Ryan

2 - Gaming name: Full_Meta

3 - Games you play: MTA, SAMP (rarely), JC2, Starcraft 2, WoW (when i have game time), minecraft

4 - Previous or current clans : Previous: PHS, M4D, DR, AGS, CBK Current: DRuG

5 - Country of residence: Australia

6 - Age:  22

7 - Computer Specs

8 - Think you would make a good admin? Tell us why? SiK and DRuG taught me how to be a good MTA admin

9 - Video of you racing on our server: will  be done asap

10 - Anything else you can think of that will be relevant: i miss this clan and hope to come back

if you would like to know more about my past, check my biography on here lol

Member Biographies / Biography: Full Metal
« on: August 27, 2012, 01:40:52 PM »
thought id throw this back up here, was to lazy retype everything, so copied an old post lol, pretty much the same as what i would put

My background

I started off in the Neo server, which i use to play regulary, but then got invited into a clan called Pothole studios, as the rest of the original SiK members.
Grim_Reeper got me into this game, and helped me to gain admin on PHS, i didnt play much in the server at first, as i was trying to get into team neo, but that was failing fast.

I ended up getting admin on phs, i was happy, i played a bit on the DRuG server while i was in phs, then realizing i use to play on there all the time, i slowly got to know NikT, which im glad i did. After many months in PHS, we all started seeing how DazzaJay was treating certain people, so, Ben, who betrayed SiK, got all the original SiK members to leave the PHS clan, we left, with high hopes of become a better clan(which we did).

We got offered by NikT to come to the DRuG forums to start planning out for our new clan which would become what it is today, after a few months, we were finally getting some where, when we finally got our forums up, and a server to play on, we were back stabbed by ben, he abandoned us, and went back to the clan he got us to leave, after getting everything underway, i lost my computer, and went a year or just a bit more with out mta.

I didnt play samp at the time, when i got the game back, i couldnt play, as mta was still on race and i was on vista, so, i ventured out and took NikT's advice, and came and had a look at AGS, i was welcomed by many members when i came on, most of them are my best mates in game now, after playing on the server for some time and chatting on ts everyday, i got invited to DR, i got in straight away, so i was happy, i played on, then mta 1.0 came out and i went onto that for some time, i didnt mind it, was good being back on my home server, being back with SiK members, but i didnt leave samp.

I came back all the time, a few months down the track i started seeing all M4D members, and i started to get a lil curious, syko came to me asking to make a pic for him which i dont think i ever finished, after talking to him for some time, i seen that they needed a bit of help, someone who has been through this before, so, i apped for M4D, after getting into the clan i started planning stuff with daz and pho, we used to chat about the clan every night, then we brought comatose into it as well.

CBK and M4D had just become alliances, i started to change some things, which turned out for the better, the rules and stuff are being followed, which is good, then when we got syko back, we lost pho to LE, a dark day for M4D, a hard loss on my behalf, so, i brought syko up to what i was doing, and then we started planning everything, after a few weeks and a lot of planning, we finally as a clan (M4D) decided it was time to move onto our own server.

Mudit (main scripter) started showing me his gm for our new server, and i liked it, when we got our own forums, we planned it some more, was great, then the day came when i got the server, it was fantastic, we are still going strong, ever since then, the clan has got a lot more respect from others, and a lot of skilled members

Now im starting up my own clan called Race Warz, and im going to hope to make that a good skilled clan, not much has happened, i finally have my own game mode thanks to [SiK]Rekein, but im missing a file for it :(

During all that time i have left CBK and DR(x2) and also SiK, but i joined AGS after a year of playing on the server, i let everyone get to know me.

Right now i am still running M4D and helping zL to get up, trying to help out those who need it

thats it for now, i dont think ive forgotten anything, ive put off from applying for 5years now, and i hope to get in

thanks for reading

Regards Full_Metal

Random / About my trip
« on: November 09, 2010, 12:13:06 AM »
most of you may not know, but my sister found me on facebook, and reconnected me with my mum, so, i went down to visit them, here is the story of how it went

my trip down went well, apart from this pain i was getting from the pressure, i found out it was from me not sleeping before hand, and it had really affected me, but not to badly, usually when it started happening, we were about to land usually within 10mins.

when i finally got to coffs after getting lost in sydney, i walked off the smallest plane ive ever been on, and started walking up to the airport, when i walked in, i had a quick look around and seen my mum, it was the happiest feeling ive ever had.

we left the airport and headed to see my sister alisha, it wasnt long until we were there, which was great, she was waiting outside for me, when she seen me get out of the car, she came straight over to me and hugged me, it still felt surreal, but i was happy, and thats all that mattered, we went into the apartment my sister had, she was just moving in, so it wasnt that flash hot, i got to hold my niece for the first time ever, she was only a few months old, so tiny, but she was beautiful none the less.

we didnt stay there long, and we were off again, but before i left, i gave my sister a present, it was my old baby blanket i had since i was like 1, it was the best thing she could have gotten from me, and i was pleased that it had made her happy.

we left her, and went back to me mums place, it was a really nice place, and the drive there was really beautiful if you like the country, which i do, the house was really nice, it had a nice yard to it, and i had my own room, i got to do whatever i wanted, but i was just happy to be there, and be happy to be out of the full black suit i had worn there.

the first thing we did, was sat down and had lunch, which i was happy to do, as i was fucking hungry
i really liked being with my mum, as i could really be myself around her and i had no reception on my phone, so nobody could get hold of me.

i stayed with my mum for 4 days, then went to see my other sister tamika, that was the worst 3 hour drive ever, but it was well worth it in the end, we met up with tamika while she was at work, she even go to serve us lol, she seemed really shamed by it to from the looks, as she had only just started there a few days before

after tamika finished, mum didnt stay to much longer, then she left, so it was just me, my sister and her boyfried, we went back to her careers house, she got changed, and we took off to go and get ready for that night.
we headed straight for the bottleo lol, got the grog, which was a carton of jacks, then we had to find somewhere to go, after walking around for a while, we finally had a place to go to, one of tamika's friends.

we sat there drinking for a while, then mitch asked me if i smoked the green, and i said yes, so he asked me if i wanted to get any, i agreed to that, so, he went off and bout a 25, that didnt last long between 4 of us, so i decided to get a 50 then afterwards, we sat there drinking and smoking, tamika wasnt drinking, but she was smoking, me and her friend where the ones smoking cones, the other 2 where having joints, it was a good night, around 6-7ish we got hungry, so we took off to hungry jacks, which is where tamika works.

i paid for my sister, her bf and myself, and their friend payed for herself, we had a good feed, and walked back to the house to continue what we were doing, about 2 hours later we took off back to coles to get some chips and shit to snack on.

funny thing about that night i found out the next day after we left, tamika's friend seemed to like me, which i found really funny seeing as she was a complete bitch to me the whole night.

i was ment to be leaving that morning, but the bus didnt come till the next day, so we took tamika home, so she could get changed for work, walked her to work, then us 2 boys took off around town.
mitch showed me just about everywhere, we were walking, it was good, but im not use to the hills or the cold (i had my jumper on the whole time), we ran into some of the local aboriginals, so, we hang out with them, having a few drinks with em, (we still had jd's from the night before), walked around with em, and then when it got around 2ish, we headed back to hj's, we got there in about 10mins, and sat there till 4pm, most boringest but fun thing ive done in a while, all we did was crack jokes at each other and laugh, the management didnt like it very much

fuck em lol

after work, we took tamika back home to get changed, and we were off again, but this time we waited for a bit before we went and bought the grog, tryed to plan where we would go, and when we didnt really have anywhere specific, we went to the skatepark, that was boring, so we took off to one of their friends places

mitch and i had a carton of jim beam, and tamika had 2 4 packs of cruizers, she drank 5 of them and get plastered, so mitch decided we should take her back to her careers, even tho i protested against it, we took her back, her careers went off at me for buying her alcohol, but i couldnt give a fuck, mitch and i took off down the road to the park

we sat there for about half an hour, then we heard a siren, so we took off back to the house, found out tamika had been taken to the hospital, but we were not told what for, so, we took off there as well, found out when we got there it wasnt anything serious, we left and took off around the city again, long story short, we ended up sleeping in the hungry jacks playground, and left there at 5am and headed back to tamika, who let us in her room, we woke up at 8, and i had to leave, as i was getting the bus back to mum, 5 hours later, i was back there, stayed with my mum for a night, and then went to mouldy's place, had a good time there, got dropped off at the airport and came home

Full_Metals shit / Poem: SiK
« on: March 28, 2010, 11:07:52 AM »
since the begginging
ive tried my best
helped where i could
giving 100%

down the track
i lost contact with you all
i was only on the forums
but i swore to return again

mta was released for vista
i was the only one on there
missing the old days
of racing with you all

1.0 came around
and i got to race with you all again
i was so happy
but it didnt last

i had been introduced to SA:MP
it became like a DRuG to me
i couldnt get away from it
but always being ther for the team

i tired to come back to mta
but i didnt fit there any more
i was use to SA:MP racing

i had joined many clans since then
all of them helping me improve
i became a leader of one
and with that, i made my own

what i had learnt from SiK
will never leave me
i am a SiK member
even if i dont have the tags

thank you SiK
for being there for me
and helping me progress onwards
you started me off

i will always remember you all
and i hope my teachings has helped
to those who dont kno me
there isnt much to kno

Good bye SiK
i kno you will do strong with out me


Full_Metals shit / Poem: M4D
« on: March 24, 2010, 11:35:04 AM »
Mad 4 Death

You was a dieing clan
i helped bring you up
through dedication
And faithful members

M4D has become know
i thank you all for it
Mainly those who have stuck by
And those who are still here

THose who have left,
Thank you for your help
You helped me make this clan
Helped me make it what it is

M4D is like SiK to me now
Always there for me
And that i am greatful for
Thank you

I wish everyone the best of luck
With future endevours
I know you will be great leaders
I support you all


Full_Metals shit / A big thanks to SiK
« on: November 12, 2009, 12:33:56 PM »
well, as you all know, i have been a bit distracted with the samp clan M4D, the reason is, i seem to be the only leader there who is actually taking responsibility in the matter, i will be back on mta, im just having trouble with my net atm, i miss playin mta, but teh lag spikes are annoying me

anyway, this is me wanting to say a big thanks to all of SiK, with out you guys, i would never have gotten the leadership i now have, i would never be able to pull of some of the stuff i have been doing, and it is all in the name of SiK, my tags are my pride, this is my home, my family in a way

demon, showed so much courage and leadership through our tough times, you put your effort into making it, you stood up and took charge when we where all unsure, you took control, your leadership is something that inspires me, with out you, i wouldnt be putting in as much help to other clans, you may be an arse, but, you are a strong leader, someone i look up to, someone i go to when i need help, when ever i have a suggestion for the clan, i usually ask you first, to see your view on it

i know that i may not look like i want to be here, but, i dont know what i would do if i wasnt, i am going to get the champ back up asap, but i am still talking it over with monkey

demi, you have been such a great mate to me all this time, another member i look up to, what you have done for here is amazing, and one day, i hope that you can try and show me how to script, your one of our best racers, i will all ways say that, and when ever anyone has a question regarding scripts here, i always refer them to you, or if someone makes a suggestion regarding them and they tell me, ill always talk to you about it

grim, with out you, i would have never found out about mta all those years back, i wouldnt be here now, also one of the top racers of the clan, i hope that one day, i can be as good as you in regards to racing

i am trying to make an effort for the clan, thats why im out there, getting to know all the different clans, putting my name out there, with my SiK tags, ive worn them on every game i play, i want to show my commitment to the clan, and this is the only way i can think of, ive always seen myself as someone who goes out and talks to other clans, puts up a bit of advertisement about the skill here, about our members, about everything i can think off at the time

i feel privileged to be in such a great skilled clans, with you guys, after all, it is a privilege to be here, not a right

Speed is King, our name, our motto, our way of gaming life

thank you for everything you have done for me, it has helped me so much

Thank you SiK

your the best mates i could ever have

Full_Metals shit / Poem: Life
« on: November 02, 2009, 07:52:54 AM »
wishing you where here
so i have someone to hold
feeling lost and alone
hated for everything
appreciated for nothing

needing someone to talk to
to let these feelings out
someone who will listen and understand
someone you can trust and believe in

love is not as it use to be
you get stepped on by the ones
you thought loved you

they make you feel pain
beyond any physical thing
it tears you apart
its always lasting

to get away from this place
is all i want to do
get to somewhere
somewhere i can be safe

with people who know me better then anything
then what my own family does
fuck it, i just need a hug
one day, it will all be fine

until that day
im going to say
such is life

Full_Metals shit / Poem: Broken Friendship
« on: September 03, 2009, 11:32:42 PM »
You start of by helping a friend
When they are in need
You help them as much as you can
You think they are grateful

They help you when you need it
Feeling happy to have a friend like that
You both are there for each other

Shit goes off
They don’t want to speak or see you again
After helping them through something
What a fucking thank you

You helped them when they were in need most
Shit happens to you, they seem to care
After they are fine
They say no longer friends

Fucking ridicules about what happens
But I guess that’s life
Always there to fuck you over
Well, fuck it, I don’t care anymore

Full_Metals shit / Poem: Alone
« on: August 26, 2009, 11:42:18 AM »
Feeling alone
no one to see everyday
no one there to love
what can you do

seeing a lot of happy couples
makes you wish you were with someone
that special bond between each other

a feeling everyone has felt
more then once in life
what to do now
you ask yourself

you keep a smile on your face
hiding what is inside
tearing you apart
that empty space

some days is harder then others
you get very depressed
just wishing you had someone to hold
wanting someone there to talk to

the day will come when you are ready
you will be happy again
together at last
with the person you love

Full_Metals shit / 7 Deadly Sins
« on: August 25, 2009, 07:29:36 AM »
The 7 Deadly Sins

Greed is to covet, to search and find meaning through materialistic gain. Greed leads ambition, challenges the body, the soul and the mind. Greed is a will that drives us to try, and without it we achieve a humble failure.

Envy makes us hate, makes us love and makes us weep. Envy gives meaning to purpose, to achieve beyond conventions and rise for the better of the self against our neighbors. Envy is the teacher to satisfying our wants.

Gluttony is indulgence. Indulgence is fulfillment. Fulfillment is ecstasy. Ecstasy is bliss. Bliss is enlightenment. Enlightenment is heaven. Heaven is orgasmic. Through gluttony one finds the fulfillment of our flesh and the freedom of choice. It is the sense of completeness.

Pride betters us beyond others, to rise above the common threshold towards something grander. Pride is the need of perfection, a need brandished like a blade, cutting across the hurdles of our own inhibitions. Pride is the mirror that shows us we are beautiful.

Wrath is the strength to deny, defy, destroy, decimate, devour, desecrate, devastate, and dominate all who would dare rise before the everlasting and powerful self. The self is the fuel to the wrath and the wrath is the fire that makes us victors.

Sloth is acceptance of one chance, the slow trickle of a brook and the soft whisper of a lover. Sloth is the frozen pause in time, to reflect the wonders of our world, to count the seconds, the minutes and the hours. Count and smile, for this time is yours.

Lust causes all of the above, for without it, we are without passion. Lust is the red heat of desire that stirs the blood and brings to life our potential for love, sex and wellness. Without lust, the mundane rules upon cold embers, sitting within a frigid throne. Lust is the need we feed on.

Embrace them all, as one or alone, for through sin we revert to the carnal self, the inextinguishable unity that proclaims our existence as the shape of humanity, a beast as nature intended. Live the seven sins for each is the instinct once denied us but now rejoiced. Sins are what we are made of. Sinners are who we are.

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