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Due to some feedback and agreeing among the current admins I'm pleased to announce the new Main Admins;


And Global Moderators;



05 Aug 2015 - Summer Cup 2015

Summer Cup 2015
Hi guys i am glad to present  you our new Cup .The cup is organized by TraxNitro and Giuvannaru91(we know it is too late to do it ) the cup will be played on  22th and 23th of august (19 CET starts)  Maps will be created by SuperNova,No one knows them
It will be on groups,every two group will got 5 players and they will play 5 maps.Add to that the time to register will finish at  16th of august (Sorry about changing the system to groups the list of groups will be posted here before 2 days )
So be there at SiK Private Server Ip  mtasa://  before 30 min the pw will be SummerCup                                                                              RULES:
-Don't flame or provoke anyone.
-No cheats/mods of any sort.
-Don't, under any circumstance, leave the server while competing.
-Play fair and respect all players and admins.                                                                                                                                                                 
-Registered Players:
* Westwood
* KitoKurosawa
* Danubio
* woozie
* Punk
*Malekith - DNF


Hi there , now , i'm back for managing my own event called Endurance Event . Last time was a little success for that event . This time , i target all good communauties to join it so hope more players this time.

For those who don't know what is that event , it's an event with a very long map about 1 hour racing (classic or mapped a little ) with every kind of vehicles and on every zones (city,air,sea,offroad) . There will be no repair and no nitro ; just pure racing . And also if you die , you will have a penalty of 30 seconds , so be careful to not burn your vehicle xD .

The rules are simple :

-Finish first the map to be the winner .
PS : When 1st has finished , you have 30 minutes to finish the map completlely . So don't worry , if you're not noob , you can finish it anyway ;) .

-Don't flame or provoke anyone.
-Cheats/mods are forbidden .
-Don't leave or rage quit during your run . Restart for Timeout or for any personal reasons after more 30 seconds won't be tolered .
-Play fair and respect all players and admins.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a disqualification or ban.

All players will play on same world so everyone can have his chance to win or do their best run .

The Event will start the Sunday 10th May 2015 at 20:20 GMT +2 (if i'm not wrong) , come at 20:00 GMT +2 for being at right time to SiK private server at when password will be reseted .

So , if you are interested and wanna join this event , sign up here and paste it to every challengers . If you're lazy to sign up and wanna play anyway , you're welcome ^^ .



Signed up players :
- FALty - SiK
- i514x - FoX
- ste001 - SiK
- SweatyVaj
- DoM98 - SiK
- Mange - CrF
- Zorron - CrF
- FeNsTeR_ - CrF
- DiegohaN#/Killua - SiK
- Pugl - SiK
- Christian - SiKz
- Faki9 - SiKr
- TraxNitro - SiK
- MoonLorD - SiK
- Westwood - SiK
- Radeon
- r1d3r
- Mahdoee - LcP
- MaterialFire8 - 2RT
- Euphoria - LcP
- FlacoElias - SiKr
- JK - FoX

From =FoX= forum :
- SergioY2J
- Joe
- EztebanD
- Moxing
- SkymeX
- BT
- MeNDeLeJeW
- Mateoryt
- SenasTaksioras
- Ryuzaki - SGA

Potential players :
- Riot - SA-MP
- Haruhix3 - SA-MP
- Tann - SGA

13 Jan 2015 - MTA Serial Search

MTA Serial Searcher

The MTA Serial Search is an application connected to a giant database with all kind of users registered and not registered. Imagine how many serials that would be?!
With this powerful search engine you are able to search people based on their serial to see which nick names they have used, which can be very useful.

Let’s give you a (real) example: MTA user with the nick name ‘Burn’. The search results were astonishing!

Log data:
BurN, =FoX=BurN, =FoX=Boobsman, Remandy, [PL]BurN, RG|iShakin*, -eG-iShakin*, e.g.Small, Small, [KoS]#BurN, [PTC]#BurN, #BurN, NateC, -|ErM|-#BuRN, BuRN, SlowMotion, [SiKr]BurN, [KoS]BurN, DaT|BurN, DaT|Burn~~, LoD|sMaL, [+18]NTC|R, [KoS]NTC, [ERM]BurN, NMW|BurN, Control, [KoS]Borek, LoD|BurN, [SGA]BurN, [SGAt]BurN, DaT|BurN[T2], [SGA]BurN_Chat, =FoX=ReVaN, 8s?!?!?, themasyaf, [SiKr]themasyaf, eT\Lighter, Camerupt, |CrF|BurN, [LSR]WayToDie, JealousLoveseat75, [KoS]Noob, [RW]FooF/c, GLITCH, ', ObservantOyster88, SlowCar69, FastRacerPro19, Fastracerrrrr112, FPG|L!ght3r, [SGA]BurN_with_gamepad, [LcP*]BurN, [SGA]JustSkilledRacer, FA|Lighter, Je21, >VIP<BurN.


So if guys like this wants to join your clan, the MTA Serial Search will make it much more easy for you to decide :).
Is it free? Yes, completely free. The only thing we want in return is your internal.db (only name and serial) and server logs. Not the complete log, but just a part of it. We have special tools to filter the part we need to make it easy.

For more info just send a PM to [SiK]Malekith or [SiK]Sexmaniac.
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