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Here's the results of 3rd december's Event . We have 2 types of results , solo results and team results . Let's begin with Team Results .

Scores are based on the 5 best players of each clans . Which means if they weren't more than 5 players for a team like zG for example , this clan won't be counted in Team Results .

WINNER: [SiK] 3932 Points
SECOND: [SGA] 3852 Points
THIRD:[KDC]  3813 Points

And here's the podium for solo results :

WINNER : morpp 1032 Points
SECOND: Wenom  995   Points
THIRD: [email protected]    987   Points

Full Results here: CLICK!

21 Nov 2017 - SiK's 10th Anniversary

Quote from: DemonSeed - Leader of Speed is King
From the mutilated burnt carcass of PHS, SiK arose from the ashes to conquer, destroy and decimate any opposing opposition that came in it's way.
This reign of terror has lasted for 10 glorious years.
And will continue to do so for many more.

Many words can be said about how much this clan means to us and what impact it had, it has and it will have on the MTA racing scene.
Sweet nothings are not necessary, although - even in such moment. You know us - we usually race amongst you.
Trying to give our best, challenging ourselves, fighting or getting along...
And this pattern continues for 10 years already.

Thanks for everything, Racers
Speed is King Clan

Friday 1.12

Limit Break and Luck Tester Events 20:00 CET
  • 10 new maps to be played, one for each event.
  • Would you go nuts if your vehicle changed on every checkpoint and you just got to drive a RC Cam? If no, join us for a funtime on Luck Tester Event.
  • Unlimited-speed vehicles with the same handling and the same acceleration, to be sold on Limit Break Event.

Perfect Run Event 21:00 CET
  • Be the first to finish clasSiK maps with only 1% hp left!
  • Maplist includes:
(click to show/hide)

Saturday 2.12

Endurance Event 4 20:00 CET
  • 4th Edition of SuperNova's Endurance Event...Does it really need an introduction?
  • Long-lasting (~1hour) race map including vehicle changes and no repairs on the way.

Sunday 3.12

Speed is King Team(s) Tournament 20:00 CET
  • The classic Speed is King Team Tourney on 20 new maps...This time involving everyone who comes :)
  • Each clan's five players to score the most points will be counted into a clan's overall score
  • Clanless players' score will also be counted into a "CLANLESS" temporary-group score.
  • If less than 5 players from one clan show on the server, their score will be counted into a "CLAN_X" temporary-group score.

Results will be posted here: CLICK!

(Server IP: mtasa://

We have had a few Mods that has been inactive for a while, so they will be demoted back to SiK, if they decide to be active again (Server or Website) and prove they will be an active Moderator, they can have their Mod status back.

The following members will be demoted;

Due to this move, there are openings available for new Moderators,
So the following members are being promoted to Moderator;


Congrats to McLareN for his 1st win and 1st sik team tourney and gz all to all players who played :D
Here's results:

1st : McLareN 2130
2nd : Falty (7 wins ) 2005
3rd : Wonder (1 win) 2005
4th : supr4 1950
5th : WintersuN 1845
6th : Blacky 1800
7th : MoonLorD 1755
8th : Hamori 1615
9th : G!lGames 1535
10th : Al3x 1510
11th : E1manTas 1485
12th : Fran2000 1415
13th : MedsoN 620
14th : Pugl 430

Hi there , i listened all your opinions to make this event better than last editions . So now , it's on , it's ready and it's better than before . The Endurance Event is back on his 3rd Edition .

For those who don't know what is that event , it's an event with a very long map about 1 hour racing (vanilla map and less objects possible) with the most usual cars and this time NO RC and NO BOATS , only one plane part . There will be no repair and no nitro ; just pure racing . And also if you die , you will have a penalty of 25 seconds , so be careful to not burn your vehicle xD . And also , using spectate to get back to last cp to avoid death gives you also a penalty of 25 seconds , so don't fool us :P .

The rules are simple :

-Finish first the map to be the winner .
PS : When 1st has finished , you have 30 minutes to finish the map completlely . So don't worry , if you're not noob , you can finish it anyway ;) .

Rules are same for each events , clanwars , cup and tourneys so no need to rewrite them just
-Don't leave or rage quit during your run . Restart for Timeout or for any personal reasons after more 30 seconds won't be tolered .

All players will play on same world so everyone can have his chance to win or do their best run .

The Event will start the Sunday 27th November 2016 at 17:15 GMT +1, come at 17:00 GMT +1 for being at right time to
SiK private server : .
Password will be reseted at 16:50 GMT +1 .

So , if you are interested and wanna join this event , just tell us here . If you're lazy to sign up and wanna play anyway , you're welcome ^^ .

Let's regroup this time more players for this challenging event :D


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